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Petrila  :  (Romanian pronunciation: [petrila]HungarianPetrilla) is a town in the Jiu ValleyHunedoara CountyRomania. It is located near the junction of the East Jiu with Taia and Jie? Creeks. The town administers four villages: Cimpa (Csimpa), Jiet (Zsiec), Rascoala (Reszkola) and Tirici. History A Romanian town in the Carpathian Mountains, Petrila is an ancient settlement, but its existence was not documented until 1493 in a donation letter between Vladislav the First, King of Hungary and a Romanian prince named Mihai Cande. The name of the town was noted in 1733 as coming from the Latin word “petrinus” ("pietros" in Romanian), which can be translated into English to mean “of stone”, a reference to the large coal deposits in the area that would become a profitable export in the Industrial Revolution. The exploitation of coal deposits in and around Petrila made the town grow as a single-industry town, revolving either around the mining of coal or the processing of the coal mined there, which is listed under the grade “Pitcoal”. Mining operations began in 1840, but the town would remain sparsely populated until the arrival of Moldovian workers forced to relocate by the former president of RomaniaNicolae Ceau?escu under Communist rule. The restructuring of the economy since 1989 has led to a decrease in production and supply for the region, including Petrila.    

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