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8/28/17 -- Hi and thanks for viewing the Beakercam.  Beakers' mommy works from home now, so he is in and out of the cage at random times throughout the day.  While waiting for Beaker to spend time in the cage, stop by , home of "Online Video", the LONGEST RUNNING web series in internet history (really!), and see some of the 182 humorous and thought-provoking short videos there!  :) 

Alternatively, keep the Beakercam minimized in your task bar, and you'll hear Beaker when he sings in his cage, or near the camera.  Beakers' wing feathers are finally growing back after the butchering of a wing clip job he got last autumn, before we found him at a pet store, so he flutters around the apartment now and then, not unlike Woodstock from the Charlie Brown cartoons!

Beaker is never locked in his cage except when nobody will be home for a while.  Otherwise, he is free to come and go as he pleases from his cage.  Birds should never be locked up their whole lives.

The Beakercam image comes from the built-in webcam of a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on my Cisco 3560 network switch and Verizon FIOS connection.

Comments about the Beakercam can be emailed to [email protected] .

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