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Welcome everyone to Boro Garden UK!

February 2019
. We have now reached 50,000 views! Many thanks to everyone who has stopped by to view my little patch of surburban garden and the wildlife that visits. I hope you continue to check in often - you never know what you will see ????

Here is a chance to watch the weather and seasons change through a live streaming webcam. It is officially Winter here in Boro Garden. The deciduous trees are bare of leaves and temperatures have fallen. We have had the first frosts and now snow has fallen; it doesn't usually last long. The days are short and the nights long and we have changed the clocks back to GMT. The birds are still busy feeding and come and go frequently. Garden plants are dormant and the ground is damp or frozen.

Boro Garden is a small bird friendly garden located in the North-East of England. It is bordered by some large trees with a beck running through and  there is an old apple tree in the middle of the garden with a large evergreen on the right. I have a couple of cameras, so you may see different points of view.. 

I stock a variety of bird feeders using a table and hanging feeders to encourage birds to visit. The bird population has settled down with blackbirds, robins and quite a few bluetits as garden residents. Goldfinches and Greenfinches are frequent visitors again  and often arrive in a flock which can make for a very busy time.  Look out for great tit, the tiny coal tit,  sparrow and nuthatch. The magpies pop in sometimes amd the wood pigeons will sit and eat everything in sight!  Haven't seen the squirrels lately but a great spotted woodpecker has recently started feeding on the peanuts.

I try to broadcast most days during daylight hours, but if the channel is not live please try again a bit later.

Please click the like button if you enjoy your visit and let me know what you think at any time by following @BoroGarden on Twitter or checking Facebook page   Please feel free to add an image to the Hall of Fame please include your location, even if it’s only the country you’re from so that I can see where my camera is being viewed. If you have a webcam page or a web page please put the address in the message box so that I can check it out, other messages are also welcome.

Enjoy your stay and thanks for your visit.   

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