Doug 's Discus Fish Tank
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Discus and Friends Fish Tank,  Live Fish: *Discus *Miniature Pleco *Rummy Nose Tetras *Cory Catfish, *Cardinal Tetra in a planted 120 Gallon with an Overflow filter,  You might see Angel Fish in the rear view tank,  Cam on 24 Hour ( Lights Off 10 pm - 6:30 am), Usually two feedings a day around 7 - 9  am & pm. The Camera is an Avater HD Cam model B081Z2N9W  with an 110 degree "Fish Eye Lens". - SORRY -Disruptions are a foot ! - The Tank was falling! because its cheap compression board frame got wet, was compressing on one end about 2" lower then other . Have  built a new super base and reflooring brfore setup again, The Discus are now moved into a this temporary tank instead with some of thier old friends while they await the big tank resurection

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