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Luna delivered her litter of precious puppies December 6th, 2017. They are 5 weeks old this week and are getting used to mommie's smell and touch and staying warm in addition to their human mom's voice and touch.  Luna is a great mother and doing an excellent job at keeping them fed and clean.  Their eyes and ears have opened and they are starting to get familiar to playing with each other's ear's and paws along with their dangle toys.  As they start to get more active you will notice different situations placed in their "room".  They are liking their new housing arrangements.  Big brother Wilson and Silly Cricket are so anxious to start playing with them.  You might see them in the room occassionally bringing the little ones a new toy offering. Please enjoy peeking in on mommy and babies.  

If you are interested in an up coming litter, I invite you to fill out our on-line application for review.   Our next planned litter will be for the spring of 2018.   It is listed on our website at www.  
 Just by filling out an application, does not obligate you to purchase one of our puppies, nor does it obligate us to sell you one.   We reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason, even after a deposit has been submitted (giving a refund of your deposit).  We want the best possible match-up for each puppy, because they are an extension of our family, needing to feel loved and adored for their entire lifetime.  If you are just looking for a puppy to purchase and raise on your own, our kennel is not for you.  I still keep in touch with all of our past puppies.  Our website is www.  or   If we can be of further assistance or answer any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail or call us.  We do NOT ship puppies.  By law, a puppy can not be sold/purchased "Sight Unseen."  A personal pick up is required that includes a complementary exit review visit with our vet and a grooming session.  And by all means, please do not buy a puppy from a pet store or flea market.  See my website for reasons of why not......  And if you are expecting a ready made puppy in a box, think again.  A dog will be a life-time commitment and a responsibility.  Remember, every breeder is not the same, do your research, get references and think about these items below.    I am an active club member of the national recognized parent club, The Havanese Club of America.  I am a board member of the Local havanese club, The Central Carolina Havanese Club. I am a board member of the local ALL BREED club.  I actively show my dogs in AKC conformation to help verify that my breeding program is in accordance to the AKC havanese standard.  I train my dogs in rally and obedience (not that they disobey sometimes), but they have the skills and training.  I ONLY have havanese in my household.  There is no question whether it is a purebred dog or not.  I also go above and beyond in testing my adult dogs for health that are used in my breedings.  Not only do I take my dogs to the vet and get regular vet checks, my dogs will see doggie doctor specialists to verify that they are healthy and should be bred.  All the tests performed are registered at the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals) so others may see the results.  I also do background DNA testing to see what my breeding dogs carry; such as short hair recessive genes, chocolate, red, cream, black furnishings, silky coats, silver furnishings, and renal displasia.  All of these things cost money , which your every day backyard breeders, or puppy mill breeders are not going to invest in their dogs.  If a breeder does not do the things I described above, and charges the same amount as I, then why would you want to buy from them?   Sometimes, the dogs are cheaper, people say.  Well, just remember, you get what you pay for.  Don't be fooled by imitation breeders. Many backyard breeders are out for the quick buck.  They will say they will warrant you the same warranty as breeders such as me, without having to do all the above work.  It's not about the warranty, it's about the quality of dogs we are producing and the integrity of the breed lines.   There is a very helpful table that helps you decide what kind of breeder you are dealing with in regards to backyard breeder, reputable hobby breeder, or a puppymill breeder.  It's found at  Check it out before you buy.  If I don't have a puppy available for you, chances are, I will know a reputable breeder to refer you to.  Thank you again for your time and interest.  Thanks again for your interest in our pups.  Enjoy your stop. From those here at FaustHouse Havanese     

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