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One person - Electronic body in an urban environment.

The One Person project is a high-tech interactive installation, under the Program "Outside" of Sofia Municipality for support of temporary art installations in an urban environment - site "Mausoleum", “Knyaz Al. Battenberg I”, Sofia, Bulgaria.
This camera is installed on the facade of the National Art Gallery, a former royal palace. The place and the location are emblematic for the capital of Bulgaria - the city of Sofia.
More about the One Person Project:
The installation is a complex technological facility with strictly defined functions. Visually, the object is a 13 meters high anthropomorphic figure, built of a modular steel truss structure and double-sided LED displays. Dynamic content is fed to the screens, which is generated by a computer algorithm. 
The installation "One Person" applies to the category of process-oriented art, in which the ways of interaction with the work are a composite and meaningful element. Through its functionality, the work is separated from the author's control and is a flexible structure that depends on human behavior and changes in the environment. The place where the work is located requires such an approach. Advanced technologies allow building systems with open access, with a liberal rather than authoritarian way of functioning. The object built on this principle would be a good reflection of the public image at the moment.
We have to follow the growth of One Person, to see its conclusions from the great equation of the city and its people.
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