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I'm a night person..I sleep days..So you're seeing my broadcast at night obviously.//My dog is around somewhere. this stream is public ,but if you want to visit and converse in private i have a streaming site that is privatized.It allows  speech and discussion to flow freely but privately.//When landing on this page and i'm not live ,you're likely to see a 60 second video play from one of my last live sessions. It's going to be a hot summer.//It's going to be a fast summer.// and btw since Walmart puts their Christmas stuff out in the Lawn and Garden in Mid september,expect to see it all displayed in it's colorful glory in 4 months.counting from mid April it's indeed 4 months..So..time is going by fast .My broadcast is not usually real exciting..But it's 'down home' and real  for sure ..If you want to meet in chat somewhere let me know. Here's what i'm probably doing right now--watching tv or burning cd's or eating  and  watching tv or in the shower or shaving or taking a nap or gone to Denny's for coffee or walking the dog. we're just so exciting !! Have a great night  ,but most of all ,have fun!!

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