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10:33 PM 4/14/2018 I'll be streaming live through the night.If the connection drops please return as my connection with at&t has been dropping totally  about three times nightly ...It re-connects within a few minutes but drops as i said a bout three times a dog Patches is living with me..He's my babydog..He and i are living here alone.Tonight i'll be watching Music Videos as well as some TV programs i'm wanting to catch up on..Also,a few movies..I'll be awake all night until about 9am..I sleep from 9am to 5pm..I'll be going to Denny's for coffee around 1 or 2am..i'll walk up there .My car was repossessed about two years ago..I won't be getting another car very soon unless one drops out of the sky.My Mother was living with me until January 4th of this year.She was forced in to a nursing home by the State.It's just down the road 3.4 miles, but without a car i have no way of visiting her.This is a small town and we have one  bus(senior transit) and it doesn't go just everywhere. ,,while some people wouldn't think of Seagoville as a counrty town,it's more countryish than progressive  city..we have residents keeping roosters,cows ,chickens, and coyotes yap off in the distance at night..this is not Los Angeles or New York or even Dallas..It's not safe to walk outside to the store in those cities at 2am..You wouldn't have  to fear a problem  like  that in Seagoville that time of night walking down the street..later i'll place the cam in a much better area to catch everything that goes on in here..but right now it's in the most convenient place(for me).. 10:51 PM 4/14/2018

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