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I BROADCAST LIVE WEEKDAYS at NOON US CST! Pan African Spiritualist, Practitioner and Advisor.   Oloye Hoodoo New Orleans Voodoo Obeah Bokor. The Witch Doctor - Medicine Man - Black Hawk Voodoo Chief Divine Prince Ty Emmecca  Please come visit me:   YouTube VoodooTyE  All is a Blessing! Nameste', Alaafia & Ase!   No frills, no flashing lights and whistles, just a vessel allowing the work of The Divine to Be done. Peace and Divine Blessings, Love, Joy and Prosperity!! 24/7/365/360* ***I  accept all Questions, Comments, Audition requests, Initiation requests, RSVPS, Tours, Psychic Readings, Work and Appointments and interview requests by E-Mail (it ain't personal its professional  - no exceptions) at:  http://www.HouseoftheDivinePrince.com  I schedule Tours, Call-Backs and prearranged appointments (For In-House, On-Location and Virtual Services to include Phone, SKYPE, Text and Video, as well as E-Mail Consultations (and responses) and Appointments with in 24 and 48 Hours; usually within 8 hours of receiving your Paypal donation alert.)*** Do you know your Soul Purpose? My schedule is overwhelming. I accept serious inquiries, request and appointments by email: My direct Temple email address and website  http://www.HouseoftheDivinePrince.com I am now available on Psychic World!   #RespectTheVoodoo  #TwoSpiritConjuror  I am NOW AVAILABLE 24/7 on Psychic Work at https://www.psychicworld.com/psychics/the-divine-prince-ty-emmecca    You can call me right now or I can chat live with you right now, Video and Audio Chat or provide a professional written email response I am NOW AVAILABLE 24/7  Pay Voodoo Chief The Divine Prince Ty Emmecca using PayPal.Me  http://www.paypal.me/TheDivinePrince My Website www.HouseoftheDivinePrince.com also has a PayPal donation button. 
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